About Us

LCT was integrated in Hinemoa House a primary medical facility however as research capacity and requirement grew there was the need for an independent facility opened in Jan 2010.

Geographic location - community based clinic in the city with free private parking. Not on a large campus, on the outskirts of the city centre we are in a convienent location for patients in a quiet independent building overlooking the beautiful, thermal Kuirau Park.


Efficient recruitment forms the basis of a successful business in clinical trials. This site is small private research facility highly effective at recruiting patients from a small local population of only 75,000 people, yet outperforms larger site in major cities. Why - simply - Site location, Investigator Investment and the eager participant.


Private Clinical Research facility

This facility was designed and was built as a clinical trial facility. Unique - smaller town - significant number of advantages. Good quality relationships with many medical and surgical specialties with local specialists able to act as Principal or Sub Investigators.

Smaller patient pool but access to large numbers of patients .

With a local patient population of 75,000 how then does Lakeland Clinical Trials have such an excellent record of patient recruitment ?


LOCATION ( location, location ) a maxim of Real Estate adapted to clinical trial business.

INVESTIGATOR - owns clinical trial business, available on site every day, available to speak to interested participants, families etc, Investigator sees most patients at most visits, has established profile in community and trust from local practitioners to refer patients.

PARTICIPANT - a motivated happy trial participant will refer others like themselves for the study. We value our realtionship with our patients and realize that their investment in the trial is the key to the success of the study.