We have proven that sites associated with or attached to primary care facilities make the best clinical research sites in New Zealand.

The evolution of Lakeland Clinical Trials.


Lakeland Clinical Trials started within a GP practice Hinemoa House in 2002.

However as both research capacity and requirements grew there was the need for an independent facility which we opened in January 2010. Towards the middle of 2018 we continued to expand and Lakeland Clinical Trials has now moved into its own bespoke building.

Efficient recruitment forms the basis of a successful business in clinical trials. Lakeland Clinical Trials is a private research facility highly effective at recruiting patients from a small local population of only 73000 people, yet outperforms most larger sites in major cities both locally and overseas.

Why - simply - Site location, Relationship with primary care, Investigator Involvement and the engaged participant.

LOCATION - We are located in fringe of Rotorua CBD and yet have our own on site patient parking. We are located in close proximity to the hospital ,multiple primary care facilities , Community pharmacy, local laboratory, specialist rooms and XRay CT MRI providers.

INVESTIGATOR - Dr Mike Williams is an owner of Lakeland Clinical Trials. This investment means he is available on site every day, available to speak to potential participants and their families and sees most patients at most visits. We feel that “specialist” investigators are the key to clinical trial performance.

RELATIONSHIP WITH PRIMARY CARE - New Zealand has both private and publically funded healthcare. Every person in NZ has a unique national identifier - or NHI number. A patients GP lies at the centre of the health system and manages the majority of the health information of any patient. Therefore research facilities with GP connections have access to the most accurate health information. Dr Williams has an established profile in the medical community and has the trust of local practitioners to refer patients.

PARTICIPANT - In a smaller city we can have a more personal touch. The happy and motivated trial participant is our aim. For they will give us the most accurate data and will even will refer others like themselves for a study. Most of our participants do ask to go onto further programs.


Therapeutic areas

At Lakeland Clinical Trials we have enrolled participants into the following areas -

Cardiovascular Outcomes Studies:

Type 2 Diabetes - DPP4, SGLT-2, Combined SGLT inhibitors

Dyslipidemia Agents, Obesity Medication

Hypercholesterolemia - statin intolerance

Metabolism - MetAp2 inhibitors

Type 2 Diabetes:

Multiple novel therapeutic agents

With Mild CKD

With moderate CKD


Acute Influenza - oral and IM agents




Hepatitis B

Novel Agent in stimulating Immune response

Chronic Cough

Acute Pain








Natural products

Point of care RAT