Clinical Network

Lakeland Clinical Trials is a foundation member of Pacific Clinical Research Network.

The Pacific Clinical Research Network (PCRN) aligns three of Australia and New Zealand’s market leading, privately owned, dedicated clinical research site organisations (Paratus Clinical, Southern Clinical Trials and Lakeland Clinical Trials) to give sponsors access to 11 different sites.

The purpose of the research network is to offer local solutions to some of the challenges in the research industry. We have identified the key roadblocks or issues and together we have been able to apply our unique solutions.


Why do research in NZ

Every person in New Zealand who uses health and disability services has a unique identifier - a NHI - National Health Index number. This follows them through every clinical contact regardless of provider in the entire health system. Patients are then registered to Primary Care providers who are custodians of the majority of that persons health information.

The NZ partners of PCRN believe that Research Clinics associated with or part of Primary Care (GP)  facilities offer the best structure to perform clinical trials in New Zealand and indeed Asia Pacific.

With appropriate permission review of these databases provide the most accurate information on current and potential clinical trial participants. Every person who sees a specialist or has a procedure in in NZ has a letter or a record sent back to their GP.